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About LA Custom Tees

My name is Bill and I have been in the screen printing field for over 23 years. In the beginning I went to work as a graphic artist at a small print shop. While working at the print shop I had to learn all the aspects of screen printing, which in turn gave me a better understanding of how the artwork needed to be set up in order to achieve the finished product on the shirt.

After four years at the smaller shop I obtained a position as a graphic artist at a much bigger print shop that had customers all over the country. That experience taught me a lot.

After four years at the bigger shop I started freelancing on the side for local shops as well as a couple out of state. I was quickly gaining more and more clients and finally got to a point where I had to make a decision; so I went on my own and started a graphic arts business in the field of screen printing.

Working closely with these shops I gained valuable experience as to how each shop runs their business.

About LA Custom Tees
Screen Printing

After nine years I branched out and bought a DTG (direct to garment) machine and started offering printed shirts and after four years of that I invested in some top of the line screen printing equipment, set up in my basement and within two years quickly grew out of that and was fortunate enough to set up shop in a well-established location.

Here at LA Custom Tees we are passionate about what we do. We try to be as friendly, informative and easy to work with as possible.

Screen printing has changed a lot over the years with new techniques and technologies. We strive to stay up on those new print styles and technologies. Some of the styles and latest techniques allow us to pass on savings to our customers. That is very important to us. We take pride in our work and our customers.

We are located in Auburn Maine, in a well-established facility that permits us to accommodate our customers. We will continue to work hard to serve our community.